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The future of work

How Automation will change what we do.

Automation and artificial intelligence are fundamentally transforming businesses. They are helping businesses increase productivity by taking away the resource requirement on jobs that can be automated.

The obvious use cases are the SAAS (Software As a Service Business) that are being built to solve for Accounting, Pay Roll, Data Analytics and career counseling – companies like SounderGrad.

Not only will this increase productivity, but it will fundamentally change the workplace as well as the expectation from the workforce. Machines will be able to do a lot of the tasks that humans are doing now and even perform some tasks that we can’t do now. As a result, some of the jobs will decline, other will grow and many will change.

While there will always be enough work for society, we will need to reimagine the expectations and capabilities that are needed from the workforce. Historically speaking, the first such change came about with the industrial revolution where the “assembly line” changed manufacturing, the artisan was replaced with the assembly line factory worker. The skills needed to man a machine were very different from needing to make artisanal products, managerial work became important, and jobs opened in factories to ensure their smooth functioning.

Similarly, the IT industry will also see this change. IT automation will change the way IT companies do

  • Incident management – while incident management will still require intervention, a lot of it will be automated

  • Application Development – Specially during the testing phase, automation will make the application development cycle faster

  • Security and Compliance – Security, compliance and risk management can be automated

What does this mean for you and what you can do?

Any major shift is an opportunity for the prepared. These are a few things you can do prepare for this change:

  • Change in mindset: The most important thing to do is to accept and acknowledge this change

  • Prepare and research: Understand the use cases and applications in your current industry or the industry that you want to enter

  • Upskill yourself: Focus on skills that are complimentary to the post automated world

  • Creativity: Build capability for creative problem solving

By being prepared, we can embrace the imminent change and thrive in the new work environment.

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