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How hiring women can improve your company’s bottom line

First, the bad news: according to a World Bank report, more than one-third of all job advertisements in India specify the preferred gender of the prospective employee, usually male. Women, on the other hand, are preferred for low-quality, low-status and low-paid informal jobs.

Now, the good news: India fares better than its other Asian counterparts when it comes to diversity in executive and non-executive roles in corporate boardrooms. Women in India occupy 5% executive positions and 10% non-executive chairs, according to a Forbes 2020 report, as opposed to 2.6% and 5% respectively in Asia.

Globally, companies are starting to realise the competitive advantage that women employees bring with them to corporate roles. An MIT study noted that bringing more women on board improves a firm’s profitability, increasing revenue by up to 41%. Having women on board can also help improve efficiency, confidence, and productivity.

India’s IT workforce now has 34% women employees, witnessing a rapid increase over the past 10 years. As we strive to achieve more inclusive and diverse workplaces across sectors, a larger change in business ecosystems is needed. At SounderGrad, we recognise how important it is to have a diverse workforce and to give opportunities to women. With our diverse pool of candidates, you get the right fit for your company, and our candidates get their dream job! Get in touch with us at to learn more about our diversity program.

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