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The Ongoing Digital Transformation and the Demand for Skilled Employees

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The IT sector in India accounted for about 1% of our GDP in 1998, and 8% in 2020. At a time filled with challenges for the country and the world at large, the industry recorded 1,38,000 new hires in 2020. The computer and IT sector is growing at a pace of 25% every year, which is not a figure that can easily be overlooked.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic transformed financial markets world over. For all organisations, big or small, digitization was no longer a feature of their work-space, but an essential part of how their company functioned. For more than a year now, organisations have relied on a plethora of softwares and developing their own IT infrastructure to keep things running smoothly.

Even for companies which were already tech-savvy, new digital solutions had to be found quickly to adapt to work-from-home norms. The market for professionals who are skilled in digital technology, naturally, has arisen and continues to grow. Despite the pandemic having challenged numerous other industries, organizations are in need of people skilled in digital technology and technical skills now more than ever before.

The demand for more IT professionals will continue to grow through 2021 and onwards. A recent report by Amazon Web Services that India will need 9x more professionals with digital skills by 2025. According to this report, over 150 million new IT jobs will be created by the next 4 years.

All of this data implies one simple fact- it is more important than ever for students and young professionals to be trained in digital technologies in order to be of immense value to the economy at a time when they’re needed the most.

While cloud adoption and IT security seem to be at the forefront of this phase of digital restructuring, data analytics, fraud prevention, artificial intelligence and machine learning are all fields in which expertise is required. The current business scenario has a high demand for people who are familiar with Blockchain, cloud computing, data analysis and a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Needless to say, with the rapidly changing digital infrastructure, investing time to learn skills such as these is a huge step forward for one’s own career. In today’s day and age, however, technical skills are only half the story. Large, multi-national organisations are looking for younger people with not only technical know-how, but also a strong set of soft skills and the ability to communicate effectively across the workspace.

At Soundergrad, students are trained not only in technical skills but also given lessons in effective English communication as well as practical skills to help with day to day functioning. Soundergrad guarantees training within a system that understands the needs of the market perfectly.

A holistic approach to training in India is the key to unlock unlimited career potential in the evolving tech-space, which seems to be growing at a pace that is too fast for numbers to predict, and Soundergrad provides a curriculum based on this approach. It understands the needs of today, and prepares for the demands of tomorrow, so that you can play a big role in this transformative revolution.

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