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What SounderGrad offers

For Candidates

You pay only if you get the job. 


We provide you job offers with reputed companies.


We train you to be successful in your first job - covering technical, functional and soft/career skill requirements. 

For Companies

Get candidates tailor-trained to your specific job requirements, ready to contribute from Day 1.


We currently focus on 0-2 years experience tech jobs (developers, technical operations, data analysts).

For Colleges

We improve your placement rates. 


Our training complements your college education with job-oriented training, improving your students' employability.

Move away from cookie-cutter, ineffective training methods

Job-oriented training

Our training programs for 0-2 years experience tech jobs are focused on overall employability and fit - covering technical, soft/career and functional skills.

Flexible programs

Our programs are open to both final year students or those fresh out of college. Custom-training modules are created for each candidate to fit a particular role.

Trained faculty

Our training team consists of experts skilled in assessing and providing customized training in both technical and soft-career skills.

Pay-after-job model

Candidates pay on an income share model, i.e. you pay only if you get the job.