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Student at SounderGrad taking a front end developer course
Money image to show how at SounderGrad you can pay after you get a job

Learn. Earn.Pay.

Our payment model is practical, flexible, and affordable.

Avail our deferred payment arrangement. Keep your focus on the curriculum and not the additional financial burden.

Avail flexible payment options


You will have to sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA)*

Rs. 70,000/-

Rs. 0/-

After getting a job:

10% of your monthly salary for the next 15 months.

(For e.g., if your CTC is Rs 5LPA, you pay only Rs 4,167 per month for 15 months)  It is in our interest to get you placed at high paying jobs in good companies. A win-win.)

Note: You have to pay Rs 10K refundable deposit for the training program.




Rs. 70,000/-

Rs. 25,000/-

Pay within 1 week of Program
Start Date

Note: You have to pay Rs 10K refundable deposit for the training program.

Refund Policy

Check out our training program for a week. If you prefer to opt out of the program, we will refund your entire deposit fees. No questions asked.

This provision expires by the end of the second week of the program.

E.g. Your program begins on 3 June. Let us know of your decision before 17 June to avail the refund. 


Income Share Agreement (ISA)

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a popular option to pay your SounderGrad course fee.

The ISA is essentially a conditional loan that enables the candidates to pay for the training (as a loan repayment) after getting a job. Our NBFC partner will process the Income Share Agreement.


The EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalment) would start only after completing the course, and you have successfully secured an offer letter.

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