Candidates FAQs


I already know the required skills for a job role, can I just apply for a job through SounderGrad?

We are a training and a placement company. You need to undergo training to be able to go through the placement process via SounderGrad.

Is there any job guarantee?

The best guarantee we give is you only pay for the training only if you get job, if you don’t get a job within two months from the time training is over you pay us zero fees. But factually speaking 100% of our students are placed till date.

Will the job be Work From home or I have to relocate immediately once I get a job?

Currently till the pandemic ends, it will be work from home. Later, you should be comfortable relocating.

What if I have less than 60% in my graduation? Can I still apply?

Yes, please give the screening test and start training with us. We will speak to the companies and help you in getting placement.

You are not taking program fees but if you don't provide any placement means our total time will go wasted!

So in reality we are helping you to upskill your technical and non-technical skills for free. Also, will be providing certification. If you consider learning as a waste of time then I would suggest that you don’t start the training. Again factually we have placed 100% of students to date.

What support we shall get after placement?

We shall continue to assist you up-skill on the latest trends expected from your company on a part-time basis for next 6 months. This shall keep your performance at its. peak during your job.

I have a Non-CS background, can I apply for front-end developer role?

Yes, you can if you have the right kind of skills sets to take up that role.

I have a CS Background, can I apply for Cloud Support Engineer role?

Yes, for CS Background, all 4 roles are available.

What kind of questions will be asked in the screening test?

We will have both technical as well as non-technical questions based on CS and Non-Cs background in the test.

What kind of questions will be asked in the interview?

We will try to understand your behaviour and attitude during the interview. We will ask you questions related to your career, education, problem-solving decision making, planning and organising and evaluate your communication throughout the process.

Companies FAQs

What should the company provide?

Job description, how many openings and when do you want the hire?

Who will be doing all the paper work?

You will have a headache free process. Everything will be taken care by SounderGrad

How many days do you need to provide us with a candidate?

Depends on the job role. It can take anywhere between one week to eight weeks.

Will you be training the candidates as per our requirement?

Yes, we do custom training.